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Corporate Communication

Toolbox Essentials Series

Drive employee motivation and discover new, dynamic paths to effective organizational communication with five targeted workshops: results oriented communication, conflict resolution, employee engagement, time management, and presentation skills.

The Essentials in Corporate Communication Toolbox Series provides the insight and training to be able to effectively:

  • Discern breakdowns in the communication process and how to close the loop.

  • Empower your message with a variety of persuasive and informative techniques.

  • Understand the patterns of conflict and how to derive solutions quickly.

  • Develop negotiation skills that can be applied in common workplace scenarios.

  • Build a culture of trust that leads to an ‘us’ environment.

  • Create processes that incentivize high-performance and standardizes goals and rewards.

  • Disrupt the hegemony of procrastination and do what is important, when it’s important.

Participants may either choose to take one or more individual workshops, or they may choose to pursue the Corporate Communication Certificate.


Communicating for Results

This course discusses the functions of communication as they relate to efficiently creating clear and concise messages, along with sending and understanding audience perceptions of the message. In organizations, effective communication creates employee synergy and trust.

Conflict Resolution

Understand the theory and practice of conflict resolution and negotiation. Develop and implement successful conflict management strategies and establish positive relationships. Define goals and objectives of conflicts before they escalate.

Employee Engagement - Resiliency

Appreciate and celebrate your dedicated employees! This course focuses on the inclusion of employees in organizational goals and discovering proven engagement strategies that secure 'buy-in' and retention of staff.

Time Management = Priority Management

Improve results and increase productivity; learn the tools to transform your time management skills. End improper procrastination habits that rob you of valuable time and invest in managing priorities.

Presentation Skills

Learn to speak informatively, persuasively and convincingly! This workshop will show you quick tips on how to assess audiences, organize your information, and understand your goals. With expert guidance, enhance a vital aspect of your skill set.

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