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Cancer research

The world is one step closer to wiping out cancer, and it's because of the work that is taking place at UTSA. Our world class researchers have developed a promising therapy to treat patients with hard-to-reach tumors in the brain stem, aorta or spine. A team studying molecular research is focused on identifying molecules that can convince stem cells they want to become something other than cancer.

Experts Available

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Brian P. Hermann, Ph.D.

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  • Assistant Professor
  • Affiliate, San Antonio Cellular Therapeutics Institute
  • College of Sciences
  • Department of Biology
general expertise
Stem Cells, Fertility Preservation in Cancer Treatments and Infertility Treatments in Boys
specific expertise

Fertility Preservation and Infertility Treatments for Childhood Cancer Patients; Male and Female Infertility; Reproductive Biology; Spermatogonial Stem Cells and Treatment Uses in Boys; Stem Cell Policy

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