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Alzheimer's Disease Drug Research

Efforts dedicated to finding Alzheimer's treatments that work have been famously expensive and ineffective, and that is likely because these treatments have relied on the theory that the disease is caused by amyloid plaques, sticky proteins in the brain characteristic of the illness. UTSA College of Sciences Dean George Perry is the 10th most cited Alzheimer's researcher in the country. He can discuss the ins and outs of amyloids and how they, while important, have never been proven to be the culprits in the development of Alzheimer's disease.

Experts Available

George Perry, Ph.D.

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  • Chief Scientist
  • Semmes Foundation Endowed University Chair in Neurobiology
  • Affiliate, UTSA Brain Health Consortium
  • College of Sciences
  • Department of Biology
general expertise
Alzheimer's Disease
specific expertise

Alzheimer's Disease Development and Consequences; Consequences of Aging on the Brain; Neurobiology; Oxidative Stress; Parkinson's Disease Development and Consequences; STEM Education

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