Procard/Travel Card Administration Training

PTCA administers and manages UTSA's Procurement Card (Procard) and Travel Card Program. It is recommended that any faculty or staff member traveling on UTSA business take the Travel Card training course.

Procard Compliance & Processing Using UTShare/Peoplesoft

As a new Procard cardholder and/or reviewer, this course provides you with guidelines and policies for using the Citibank® Procurement Card (Procard). You will review procedures on records maintenance, reconciliation and payment of charges. You will also cover procedures for processing Procard using UTShare/Peoplesoft.
Note: This class is by invitation only. Eligible employees will be contacted about enrollment for this class. It is recommended that you complete the online courses Employee Self Service (ESS) AND Introduction to UTShare/PeopleSoft in addition to the classroom courses, Introduction to the Chart of Accounts and Managing Departmental Expenses and Revenue Budgets.
After completing this class, you will be able to:
  • Demonstrate how to change the account code
  • Demonstrate how to conduct a vendor hold search
  • Demonstrate how to maintain adequate records and utilize the Procard log
  • Explain how to reconcile the transactions in UTShare/PeopleSoft to your Citibank statement
  • Identify restricted businesses and commodities
  • Identify roles in Procard payment processing
  • Re-state card security
  • Restate how to assign chartfield strings to transactions
Procard holders, PeopleSoft proxy reconcilers and reviewers
Job Aids
Travel Card

Are you planning on traveling for a conference or a work related event? Are you responsible for processing travel for your department? The travel card is a great and easy way to take care of travel expenses. In this session, you will learn the guidelines for using the travel card, as well as the appropriate forms for processing the travel expenses.
After completing this class, you will be able to:
  • Identify restrictions and adhere to policies
  • Understand proper procedures and guidelines when using a travel card
Travelers (faculty or staff), Admins who complete travel paperwork, Administrators who approve paperwork
Job Aids
Procard Compliance Refresher

This course is an online refresher for current Procard holders who have had a card for three years. This training is also intended for card holders who have had unauthorized activity or have had their cards replaced.
After completing this online class, you will be able to:
  • Apply appropriate guidelines when using Procard
  • Demonstrate best practices for the use of the Procard
  • Explain the need for Procard purchasing controls
  • Identify your responsibilities for securing your card
  • Utilize and maintain proper documentation to support purchases
Administrators who approve paperwork
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