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Summer Withdrawal Consequences

Due to recent Federal changes that affect individual summer sessions, students may have part of their summer aid returned if withdrawing from classes after having completed a session OR if withdrawing while still being enrolled in future sessions. According to Federal regulations, financial aid recipients who withdraw from all courses or stop attending classes before the last day of class have not "earned" all of their financial aid that was received for that semester.

A change in these Federal regulations states that each part of term for summer (M, M1, F, J, I, T, S, L, O) is considered its own semester for Return of Title IV (R2T4) purposes. Consequently, students must return the unearned percentage of aid for each part of term during summer. The higher number of class days completed, the lower the amount of financial aid that must be returned. Once a student has completed more than 60% of the semester, the student is allowed to keep all disbursed aid even if a withdrawal occurs after that point. If you are considering withdrawing from a single summer term, please speak with our office so we can best advise you for financial aid repercussions. Below are some scenarios:

Currently attending and withdrawing from a later term that has not begun

Students in this scenario are not required to undergo R2T4 since there is not a break in enrollment. Although we will not perform R2T4, the student's cost of attendance may change creating a smaller cost of attendance for summer. If the original amount of summer financial aid awarded is greater than the new cost of attendance, students will owe a balance to the University. Final cost of attendance determinations for student enrollment during the summer is assessed in mid-July.


Currently attending M, F, T, I or J (and intending on completing those terms) and withdrawing from S, L or O.

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Withdrawing from a currently enrolled term yet staying enrolled in a future term:

Students in this scenario are required to undergo R2T4. This is because there is a break in enrollment. Your last day of attendance will be the date of your withdrawal. If you are enrolled in future terms that have not yet begun, you can submit a UTSA Summer Return of Title IV Aid Form in which you certify that you will attend your future term courses and complete them. Completing this form will prevent you from undergoing an initial R2T4 calculation. This form is available at Enrollment Services at the time of your withdrawal and must be submitted within 10 business days of your withdrawal. If you do not submit this form at the time of your withdrawal, you will be notified via your preferred email as indicated in ASAP of the need to complete this form within 10 business days. If the form is not submitted within the 10 business day timeframe, we will process your account for R2T4. Should you decide to withdraw from your later term or stop attending, your R2T4 will be processed as of the date of your withdrawal from your earlier term.


Withdrawing from M, F, T, I or J and staying enrolled in S, L or O

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