Día de los Muertos: Nicho Box Workshop

October 10 | 12 pm - 1 pm | John Peace Library GroupSpot B

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"Nichos are a type of Latinx/e folk-art that combines the roman catholic visual design of a ""retablo"" with the iconography and patterns found in pre-colonial Mesoamerican indigenous imagery. They are traditional recesses carved into marble or stone of the temple walls in catholic churches. Usually, inside these spaces, they would feature a specific saint or critical figure of catholic spirituality.

Please join us in remembering those who have entered the next part of life by designing a nicho box in their memory. This workshop will provide the necessary items to create your nicho box, though please remember to bring a photo or small object that can fit in a 3.5 x5x1 inch box (small jewelry box). Students can display their nicho box at the ITC Día de los Muertos exhibit from October 20th to November 5th. "


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