Raza Unida 50th Anniversary Party

September 15 - 17, 2022 | All Day | UTSA Downtown campus

In celebrating our 50th anniversary, we acknowledge the wisdom of the elders who inspired RUP, the spirit and labor of the youth who led it, and the strength of those who have kept RUP values alive and flourishing, never giving up on democracy, and leading to a brighter progressive future in Texas, the rest of the southwest, and in the nation.

When we examine history, we see that women and men who have been marginalized and pushed to the side have always had to struggle for equality and justice. We have seen this in the abolitionist movement, with the Jewish community; in the struggle of the people of India with Gandhi. And we have seen this among our ancestors in Mexico and the rest of the Americas who vanquished colonialism and slavery. FREEDOM is never FREELY GIVEN. People who bear the brunt of oppression and injustice have had to be constantly vigilant, since there is always someone ready to take away what we value in our lives.

As we approach our reunion, many of us participating in the Raza Unida Party during the 1970’s, are now in our 70s and 80s. The torch of equity and justice has never been extinguished, having passed through the decades to amazing policy and political leaders, and now once again it is being passed to those willing and able to continue the struggle, and it must be said that the willing hands today are a dynamic force that will succeed.

When many of us got into the Movimiento we were young. Some of us were teenagers. And while we might not have been able to articulate what were some of the problems we faced back then, we saw the consequences of our difficult times. We are confident that our grandchildren today can and will keep the spirit alive.

The Conference

Chicano Movement leaders and activists are convening at the University of Texas—San Antonio on September 15-17, 2022, to commemorate and celebrate the 50th anniversary of the founding of the national Raza Unida Party. The conference will also analyze the current socio-economic conditions of our people and other pertinent issues, together with a focus on a strategic vision to further advance the cause for social justice for Mexican origin people in the United States.

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UTSA Westside Community Center, UTSA Libraries