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Criminal Background Check (CBC)

Additional Information

As a result of changes to the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and The University of Texas System Policy (UTS 124), UTSA has revised its criminal background check (CBC) process as follows:

  1. Effective September 1, 2011, departments will be billed for each CBC that is run. 
  2. The CBC cost will be based on the type of CBC performed and the type of CBC performed based on employment category. The cost is as follows:
    • Vendor Search - $20.00/(each name used) in all U.S. counties
    • DPS Secure Site - $1.00/(each name used) in Texas only
    • DPS Public Site - $4.00/(each name used) in Texas only
  1. CBC request forms should be sent to Human Resources (not the UTSA Police Department) by fax to extension 8586.  Forms must be completed and applicant identity verified with a state or federal picture ID.
  2. Prior to rejecting an applicant based on vendor CBC results, a written applicant notification process must occur.  This process will be handled by HR once informed that the department has decided not to proceed with hiring the individual.
  3. In the event that there is a concern about losing the final applicant when a CBC has not been received in a timely fashion, a process has been developed to make an offer to the final applicant contingent upon the CBC results.  HR should be contacted to facilitate this process.

NOTE:  Due to additional federal notification requirements (and the cost), we recommend that you request a CBC only on your final applicant. 

Management Discretion

President or President's designee may request a criminal background check (criminal conviction record) on a current employee who is not a party to a job transfer or reclassification. Management will prepare, in writing, a business case that substantiates the need to conduct a CBC and submit it through the appropriate Vice President to the President (or the President's designee).  If approved by the President (or the President’s designee) it will be submitted to Human Resources who will run the request for a criminal background (criminal conviction record). If the current employee refuses to complete, sign, and submit the Criminal Background Check Form in response to a request made in accordance with this policy, management may take appropriate action.  Results of a CBC submitted based on management discretion will be reviewed and handled on a case by case analysis. 


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Updated: June 2017

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