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Day O.N.E. @ UTSA - Administrator Guide

New Non-Benefits Eligible Employees


There are several steps that need to be completed before your new employee can begin work. Please follow the step-by-step instructions below to process your non-benefits eligible employee.

If the individual will be in an unpaid relationship with the university (Person of Interest) please stop here and follow the instructions for processing on the POI webpage.

Requests must be submitted on time, please reference the processing calendar for submission deadlines:  HR Processing Due Dates

Non-Benefits Eligible Hiring Process

Please note: A Criminal Background Check (CBC) is required before an individual can start work. Go to the UTSA CBC web page for instructions on the CBC process.


All Staff positions are posted on the Talent Acquisition web site. Once the hiring proposal is approved, an email will be sent with instructions to submit an eForm. You will submit either an Appointment or Transfer form. The Appointment form is used for brand new employees (Hire) or employees with a break in service (Rehire). The Transfer form is used for employees transferring into a new position with no break in service. These forms are used to enter your new hire information into PeopleSoft, so it is important that the information provided is accurate. The employee will need to visit Human resources on their first day of employment to complete new hire processing. 


To hire new students, the department will submit an Appointment eForm. The Action should be Hire for all brand new employees or Rehire for any returning UTSA employees, regardless of if they are new to the department. These forms are used to enter the new hire information into PeopleSoft, so all fields must be accurate. The submitter will receive email notification once the form is completed. The email will detail notes from HR and explain the next steps in the hiring process. The student will also receive an email with instructions to complete their new hire processing.

Non-Tenure Track Faculty

To hire a NTT faculty member, the department will use eForms. An Appointment form is used when it is an inactive job record or a brand new faculty member. A Contract Addition form is used when the job record is still active.  EForms are used to enter the new hire information into PeopleSoft, so all fields must be accurate. The eForms will be routed through the appropriate Dean’s Office and the Office of the Vice Provost for Academic and Faculty Support for approvals.

Employee Actions

Requirement for all new Faculty, Staff, and Students include the following:

  • Provide I-9 documents to the Human Resources office within 3 days of the hire date. The Form I-9 is a federal requirement that verifies identity and proves eligibility to work in the United States.  Federal law requires employees to present original documents, photocopies or pictures cannot be used.
  • New employees will login to PeopleSoft and complete their employee self-service (ESS) requirements. This includes reviewing personal information, completing the I-9, Direct Deposit, W-4, and emergency contact information. For a step by step guide to complete the ESS, reference our Employee Self Service instructions. 
  • Non-Benefits Eligible Employee Packet
    • Non-Benefits Eligible Employee Acknowledgement Form (Faculty, Staff and Students)
    • Selective Service Registration Form - Males Age 18 – 26
    • Political Aid - All employees (Faculty, Staff and Students)

NOTE: Per federal law, if your employee does not complete Form I-9, they will not be able to continue their employment with UTSA.



Updated: October 2018


Interim Workflow Solutions NBE Packet