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Faculty and Staff

Diversity Awareness: M.E.E.T. on Common Ground

Course Code SD308 - Six video vignettes on diversity topics in the workplace; M.E.E.T. model for communication; Make Time to Discuss, Explore Differences, Encourage Respect, Take Responsibility; focus on inclusive excellence at UTSA (3 hour classroom training)

Specialized workshops on diversity topics

Ad Hoc by request; specialized workshops for departments/teams on diversity awareness and inclusion; simulations and interactive sessions (1 to 3 hour classroom trainings available) or call 210-458-4658

Discrimination & Sexual Harrasment: Your role as a UTSA supervisor

Course Code SD317 - Law and policy related to unlawful discrimination, protected classes, harassment, sexual harassment, sexual misconduct, consensual relationship policy; role of UTSA supervisors in preventing discrimination and harassment at UTSA; complaint process at UTSA and supervisor role (3 hour classroom training)

Discrimination Prevention: Applied learning scenarios

Course Code SD330 - Second course for supervisors; apply knowledge of the law and policy to nine case scenarios about unlawful discrimination and harassment; focus on national origin, disability, sexual harassment, sexual misconduct, gender identity, race, religion and other protected groups; interactive learning activities and discussions with other supervisors at UTSA (3 hour classroom training)

Discrimination and Sexual Harassment: Your role as a UTSA employee

Course Code SD309 - For non-supervisors; Three learning objectives 1) What is the law/policy for discrimination, harassment, misconduct 2) Why is it important to prevent these behaviors 3) What do you do if you believe discrimination, harassment or misconduct is happening at UTSA (3 hours classroom training)

Becoming an Ally

Course Code SD310 - Learn about the UTSA Ally Program to create a welcoming and inclusive environment for all Gay, Lesbian, Bi-Sexual, Transgender and Questioning members of our campus community (3 hour classroom training)

Advanced Ally Training

Course Code SD425 - Second course about the UTSA Ally Program; focus on trans and non-binary students and the issues they face (2 hour classroom training)

Four Generations at Work

Course Code SD318 - Explores different generations at work, differences in experience, communication styles, characteristics, how generational differences influence the workplace, how to improve understanding and communication across generations (3.5 hour classroom training)

Title IX and Campus SaVE Act Training

Course Code SD360 - Policies and procedures for reporting and investigating reports of sexual violence and sexual assault involving UTSA students (1 hour classroom training)