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Frequently Asked Questions

In order to assist you with the Campus Climate Survey process, here’s a list of questions and answers we thought would be helpful to you.

Yes. The purpose of the survey is to get honest feedback and to do that, UTSA guarantees that all responses will be completely confidential.

To ensure confidentiality, UTSA is using an external partner (ModernThink, LLC) to administer the Web-based survey, which is automated with a secure Internet connection.

Your survey responses will be completed directly on ModernThink’s website. UTSA has no access to this website, and all processing will be done by ModernThink, LLC.

You will not be asked your name on the survey. The e-mail inviting you to take the survey will include unique password information for each user. This information is stored on ModernThink’s server for their access only and will not be linked to your individual survey responses.

At no point will your manager or any other UTSA employee see your individual survey results; they are combined and reported back to UTSA in an aggregated format. No one in the University will know how you personally responded.

The demographic information (e.g., gender, age, job role, etc.) will help ModernThink better understand the patterns and themes in the survey data. As the confidentiality of your responses is critical, ModernThink will not report your individual demographic data. Group demographic data will only be reported when there are five or more respondents in a particular group. Although the demographics are an optional piece of the survey, you are strongly encouraged to complete this information.

Potentially note that we will pre-load the information for VP Area and College/School, while others are self-reported for data purposes.

With a long-term goal of becoming a premier public research university, providing access to educational excellence and preparing citizen leaders for the global environment, UTSA is committed to creating and maintaining an environment that attracts and retains world-class faculty and staff. Gathering faculty and staff perspectives on their work experiences and the University’s functioning helps administration understand what currently works and what needs to be improved. Improvement occurs when we openly solicit candid and confidential feedback from all critical stakeholders and act upon this feedback. Disciplined follow-up on the survey findings will help us continue to drive UTSA to future success.

Now more than ever, we need to understand what factors are important to our faculty and staff. UTSA is committed to our people and our community and needs to hear from our staff and faculty on our direction, work environment, priorities and needs.

ModernThink, LLC is a nationally recognized organization specializing in surveys of this kind for higher education. The higher education benchmark data results from ModernThink, LLC will provide UTSA valuable insight into how we compare to other schools across the nation.

At the same time UTSA is administering the Campus Climate Survey to faculty and staff, we will also be participating in a student experience survey along with several other colleges. The Student Experience Survey will help UTSA leaders take the pulse of the student population, highlight programs that are working well and identify barriers that are detracting from students’ day-to-day experience and potentially impeding academic and/or social development.

The Campus Climate Survey Committee was tasked with designating relevant benchmarks for the University, developing survey questions unique to UTSA and communicating about the survey to faculty and staff. Chaired by Roger Enriquez, the committee in association with the Inclusive Excellence Advisory Board includes representatives from the Faculty Senate, President's Cabinet, Human Resources, Council of Administrators, Classified Staff Council and students. The committee worked with ModernThink, LLC to customize the survey. ModernThink, LLC will work with the task force to administer the survey, ensure confidentiality and aid in the dissemination of the results.

The survey solicits feedback on a broad range of topics, focused around the following themes:

  • Job Satisfaction/Support
  • Teaching Environment
  • Professional Development
  • Compensation, Benefits & Work/Life Balance
  • Facilities
  • Policies, Resources and Efficiency
  • Shared Governance
  • Pride
  • Supervisors
  • Senior Leadership
  • Faculty, Administration & Staff Relations
  • Communication
  • Collaboration
  • Respect & Appreciation
  • Fairness

In addition to the 60 core survey statements, the survey Task Force chose 20 additional statements and 3 open-ended questions that address areas of interest to the University.

The online survey should take approximately 20-25 minutes to complete. If you are unable to complete the survey after you begin, you will have the option to save your responses and access them later. You can take the survey on a computer or on your mobile device.

The UTSA Campus Climate Survey consists of 80 statements that employees will respond to using a five-point agreement scale (Strongly Agree, Agree, Sometimes Agree/Sometimes Disagree, Disagree, Strongly Disagree). Additionally, there is a Not Applicable response option. The survey instrument also includes a 16-item benefits satisfaction component and four open-ended questions.

There are several demographic questions at the end of the survey (Gender, Age, Job Category, etc). Respondents are encouraged to provide responses to these but also have the option of skipping them. (See also “Are my survey responses confidential?” below.)

First, as a faculty or staff member of UTSA, your opinion matters. We need to hear from you in order to address your concerns and reinforce our successes. Second, higher response rates give a more accurate picture of the University and its individual departments. This is a significant opportunity for you to share your ideas, opinions, and solutions by participating in both the survey and the action planning that will follow.

Yes, participation is completely voluntary.

All faculty (tenured, tenure-track and adjuncts) and staff members (full-time and part-time) of UTSA are invited and encouraged to participate in the survey.

The survey will be available during the Spring 2020 semester (two weeks) on ModernThink’s secure website. In the Spring 2020 semester, each UTSA employee will receive an e-mail invitation from ModernThink to participate in the survey. Once you click on the survey link, you will go directly to ModernThink’s website. You will be asked to enter a username and password, which will be provided in the e-mail invitation sent to you directly by ModernThink.

You may take the survey at any time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from work or from home, on any computer. Internet access is required. Employees taking the survey can use the same workstation, as long as each person properly logs on and off the computer. Alternatively, employees are also welcome to use their mobile devices.

No. The survey will be completed on ModernThink’s secure Web site. The e-mail address is only used to access the survey and to ensure that only one survey is completed per employee.

Yes. Your answers will be stored each time you select the NEXT button at the bottom of a survey page. If you get interrupted, you can come back to the survey. You will need to log on again to the ModernThink survey site to re-access the survey. To protect your confidentiality, you will not be able to access the survey after you click the SUBMIT button on the last page of the survey.

For technical questions or problems with the survey site, please contact the Help Desk at ModernThink at (888) 684-4658, Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m.- 5:00 p.m. EST. After hours, please email and someone will respond to you as promptly as possible.

While a 100 percent response rate would be ideal, it is not necessary. We would, however, like to see as high a response rate as possible. Average response rates for University climate surveys typically range between 40 percent and 65 percent. During the weeks the survey is available, we will be sharing our response rate with the community at large.

The survey results will be shared with the UTSA community through a transparent process. The Campus Climate Survey Committee and the Inclusive Excellence Advisory Board will review the results and make recommendation to be forwarded to leadership. Results of the survey are expected in Fall 2020.

While the formal timeline for the next survey is not yet established, UTSA plans to repeat the Campus Climate Survey process in three to four years. This year’s results will provide us with important comparative data so that we can chart our progress moving forward.

If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions regarding the survey and/or the survey process, please do not hesitate to contact the Office of the Vice President for Inclusive Excellence at 210-458-4451 or Liz Flood, ModernThink’s Project Manager for the UTSA Campus Climate Survey, at 302-764-4477.