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The Charge

In the summer 2019 President Taylor Eighmy charged UTSA’s new Campus Climate Survey Committee and the Vice President for Inclusive Excellence, Dr. Myron Anderson, with developing and administering a comprehensive Campus Climate Survey stemming from the excellent work from the Diversity Survey, which yielded key outcomes, some of which include the initiatives outlined below. We continue to conduct, and have expanded, these surveys, and the results are utilized to create and implement strategies to improve the campus climate for all faculty, staff, and students.

These surveys are one way to hear from you about what’s working and what’s not, so we can improve UTSA.

Wins from our previous UTSA Diversity Survey

  1. Provided additional data to reinforce the need for faculty diversity.
  2. Implementing the “Grow Our Own Program” to expedite hiring offers to post-doctoral candidates of diverse backgrounds.
  3. Created the Office for Inclusive Excellence.
  4. Created the Vice President for Inclusive Excellence position.
  5. Finalized the University Diversity Statement.