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The UTSA 2019 Campus Climate Survey process began in the Spring 2019 semester and will run through the Fall 2020 semester. It will include the complete workforce (all faculty and staff) of UTSA. The process has five phases.

The 2019 Campus Climate Survey Committee, chaired by Roger Enriquez, and including representatives from major leadership units in the College and members of the Inclusive Excellence Advisory Board, convened in August 2019. At that time, it was given the charge from President Taylor Eighmy to develop and administer the Campus Climate Survey and, in response to information gathered, develop implementation strategies for action items identified through the survey process.

The committee met in the summer 2019 to discuss the overall aspects of the survey, review possible survey materials and arrive at a consensus on the survey instrument, delivery methods and other phases of the study.

The committee developed the survey instrument in collaboration with ModernThink, the external firm hired to conduct the survey.

Completion date: end of the Fall 2019 semester

During this phase, the Office of Inclusive Excellence in collaboration with university communications will develop a comprehensive communication and marketing plan to alert the UTSA community of the upcoming survey. In coordination with the UTSA communications staff, the Office of Inclusive Excellence will develop communications materials including letters of invitation, electronic and print marketing pieces, and the official Campus Climate website.

Target Date for Completion: Spring 2020 semester

ModernThink will administer the survey for two weeks in the Spring 2020 semester. All faculty and staff members will be invited to take the survey hosted on ModernThink’s secure website.

In the Spring 2020 semester, UTSA employees will receive an e-mail invitation from ModernThink to participate in the survey, which includes a username and password for taking the survey. After clicking on the survey link, survey respondents will go directly to ModernThink’s website, where they will be asked to enter their assigned username and password.

Faculty and staff will be able to take the survey at any time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from work or from home on any computer or mobile device.

ModernThink and the Campus Climate Survey Committee will work together to achieve the highest possible response rates.

Target Date for Completion: end of the Spring 2020 semester

During the month of December, ModernThink will analyze the data collected during the survey implementation. Specific tasks will include the following:

  • Data coding and database management
  • Data analysis (descriptive statistics, frequency tables)
  • Initial development of overall institutional reports

Target Date for Completion: August 2020

In the Fall 2020 semester, ModernThink will provide the UTSA Campus Climate Survey committee with institutional reports, to include an executive summary, data presentation, and report findings. The committee will disseminate the survey findings with the campus community. In addition, the committee will begin its review of the final report to begin to develop recommendations for UTSA leadership to address campus climate and diversity-related issues.

Target Date for Completion: end of the Fall 2020 semester