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San Antonio is served by twenty-one airlines, three interstate bus lines, and a train.  Within the city there is a public bus company, university shuttle service between UTSA campuses, and an on campus shuttle to carry you to different locations on the 1604 campus. 



Photograph courtesy of the San Antonio International Airport


The San Antonio International Airport’s web page is http://www.sanantonio.gov/aviation/.  You may wish to view this page before contacting your local travel agent.  Twenty-one airlines serve the airport with direct flights from Mexico and connecting flights for oriental or European travelers with New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, New Orleans, Atlanta, and Miami.  There is an average of 260 daily domestic and international departures and arrivals.


You will see information on the airport website for a second airport, Stinson Field.  Disregard this as Stinson is for private and corporate airplanes, not commercial flights.


Amtrak has train service from Chicago to San Antonio.  It is named the Texas Eagle and offers a daily schedule.  The trip takes several days.  The Sunset Limited runs from Los Angeles to Orlando, Florida, with a stop in San Antonio.  This train runs only three days a week.  The Amtrack web address is http://www.cwrr.com/Amtrak/mw_milw.html.  


San Antonio is served by three interstate bus companies.  The Greyhound Bus Company’s web page is at http://www.greyhound.com/.  Greyhound serves most cities in the United States as well as some in Canada and Mexico.


The Trailways Company web site is http://www.trailways.com/.  Trailways serves the Eastern Seaboard, Southeast, and Midwest.  West of the Mississippi River, Trailways service is limited to Texas, Montana, California, Washington, Oregon and British Columbia, Canada.


The Kerrville Bus Company also serves San Antonio, but has more limited routing.  Their web page is http://www.kervillebus.com/about.asp.


Via Metropolitan Transit serves the city of San Antonio.  Students may purchase a pass at the Fiscal Services Office at UTSA and ride the Via buses anywhere in the city.  However, buses do not run as frequently in most US cities as in other countries.  Most bus routes will have a bus every half hour or every hour, not every 10 minutes.


The Shuttle busses are listed on the UTSA web page at http://www.utsa.edu/parking/shuttles.html.  These busses do run more frequently.  On the 1604 campus there is a North Campus Shuttle Route and a South Campus Shuttle Route. There is also a North Apartment Shuttle and a South Apartment Shuttle for students who live in near campus apartments.  One day a week, there is a Shopping Shuttle which goes to a nearby shopping center. 


To ride the UTSA shuttles, as well as the Via Downtown shuttle, students, staff, and faculty need only have a valid UTSA ID card.