2021 Seminars

Unless otherwise noted, all seminars will be held virtually at 4:00 pm.

February 19, 2021

seminar cancelled due to weather

February 26, 2021

The Scale Dependence of Hydraulic and Electrical Conductivities in Porous Media

Dr. Behzad Ghanbarian, Kansas State University


March 19, 2021

Analysis of Low Impact Development Using Testbeds: Bioretention and Sand Filter Media and Liner Requirements

Dr. Marcio Giacomoni, UTSA


March 26, 2021

Evolution of the United States Energy System and Related Emissions under Varying Social and Technological Development Paradigms

Dr. Kristen Brown, UTSA


April 2, 2021

Hydrologic and Geochemical Influences on Dissolved Organic Carbon (DOC) Composition in Mineralized, Mountainous Watersheds in Central Colorado

Dr. Kato Dee, University of Oklahoma


April 9, 2021

The Hidden Microbial Life Within Secondary Minerals in Earth's Lava Caves: Enhancing Life Detection on Extraterrestrial Bodies

Dr. Diana Northup, University of New Mexico


April 16, 2021

A Use of Multi-Isotope (Uranium, Boron, and Strontium) Ratios to Trace and Quantify Salinity Contributions to Rio Grande River in Southwestern United States

Dr. Lin Ma, University of Texas at El Paso


April 23, 2021

Worldwide Occurrences of Fluoride in Groundwater: Some Insights and Mistakes to Avoid

Dr. D. Kirk Nordstrom, U.S. Geological Survey


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