UTSA Alamo CIMA Mentor

Dr. R. Lyle Hood

Design and Prototyping of a Novel Endotracheal Tube

Students will be assisting the development of 1 of 2 devices. The first is a Military Suction System for clearing airways during battlefield trauma. Currently available devices are either too bulky or insufficiently powerful for combat medics to carry. We are working with active and retired combat medics to develop a system optimized for their use. The second project involves development of an IV patency alarm originally invented by medical doctors at UT Health San Antonio. When IVs slip out of a patient's vein, they deliver concentrated saline solution and/or drugs to the subdermal space, causing large, painful chemical burns. In infants, this can be fatal. Our lab is developing a 2nd generation prototype with a minimal footprint that can be readily commercialized and utilized in modern hospitals.


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