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Stationery & Business Cards

Stationery items play an important role in communicating a consistent image and brand identity for the university.


Official university letterhead, envelopes and business cards utilize standardized templates to ensure consistency and cultivate familiarity with UTSA’s brand identity.

The following guidelines are in place regarding UTSA stationery and business cards:

  • All UTSA administrative and academic units should utilize the official university templates for their letterhead (printed and digital), envelopes and business cards. Letterhead and envelopes may integrate name and contact information for the unit or office, as per the template.
  • Any alterations to the official university stationery and business card templates must be pre-approved by University Marketing to ensure compliance with the university’s brand identity system.
  • Names of individuals may not be included on printed letterhead/envelopes. However, the names of individual faculty and administrative officials and, as appropriate, endowed position title, office telephone number, fax number and e-mail address may be added when printing letters onto letterhead via an in-office laser printer or when preparing a digital file.

Ordering Stationery and Business Cards

UTSA has set up an online ordering system for official university stationery and business cards through Accu-Print, one of the university’s licensed vendors. UTSA-branded mailing labels, note pads and thank you cards may also be ordered through the Accu-Print website.


Examples of Business System


Joan Duncan
Project and Administrative Manager

Brett Calvert
Senior Executive Director, University Marketing