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Help… A reporter called me

University Strategic Communications is the official university contact for print, broadcast and digital journalists.

Faculty, staff and student workers who are contacted by the news media should immediately contact their public affairs liaison prior to agreeing to or scheduling an interview.

If a reporter calls you by phone:

  1. Obtain the name of the reporter, the media outlet they represent, the nature of the call and their deadline for an interview/information.
  2. Thank the reporter for their inquiry and explain that all UTSA media interviews must be directed to University Strategic Communications at 210-458-4550 or news@utsa.edu.
  3. Contact your media relations liaison to advise them that a reporter has contacted you. This will allow you to consult about the story opportunity, a messaging strategy, and the journalist’s reporting style, so you can decide if you want to be interviewed. All further communication with the reporter will be coordinated by the media relations liaison.
  4. Treat all conversations with reporters as if they are “on the record.”

If a reporter sends an email to you:

  1. Immediately contact your media relations liaison and forward the reporter’s email to the liaison, who will respond to the reporter. Allow time for your media relations liaison to contact you to discuss the interview opportunity and its scope.