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Gay describes men and women attracted to the same sex. Lesbian is an acceptable term for a gay woman. Both are preferred over homosexual, unless in clinical context or references to sexual activity.

Use only when it is pertinent to a story and avoid references to "sexual preference" and "lifestyle."

geographic areas

Specific quadrants in San Antonio are two words, both capitalized.

East Side San Antonio. Located on the city’s West Side.
North Side
South Side
East Side
West Side
Northeast Side, BUT North East Independent School District


Use this abbreviation (without periods) for grade point average.


When referring to a grade, use a capital letter; quotation marks should not be used around letter grades. Use an en dash to indicate a minus sign:

a B– average for the course, a P/F course, a grade of I (Incomplete)

Pluralize single letter grades with apostrophes:

She got mostly B’s and C’s all year.

See also capitalization for more information.


Graduate refers to all postbaccalaureate degrees: master’s and doctoral programs.

UTSA has 126 undergraduate and graduate programs.
OR, to be more specific:
UTSA has 126 bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral programs.

Great Conversation!

An annual fundraising event for the UTSA Honors College. The exclamation point is part of the proper name. Always include, even when awkward: Great Conversation! guests discuss a number of topics.


Use the terms Greek life or sororities and fraternities. When making a distinction between social organizations and professional or honorary organizations, say so. Capitalize Greek when referring to fraternities and sororities. Capitalize the proper names of the fraternities and sororities.



Gulf of Mexico

The Gulf Coast is also acceptable, but use the gulf or the coast on second reference.

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