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UTSA Work Study Research Training Program


If you are a Sophomore or above, and have at least a year left prior to graduation, are work study eligible, and are willing to work hard and responsibly...
    have always loved science and want to be a researcher
    and are strongly considering pursuing a PhD after graduation...

Forget filing papers, shelving books, or cleaning laboratory dishes.

We would like to announce the new Work Study Research Training Program (WSRTP) and invite you to apply to be a participant!

Trainees in the WSRTP will:

  • Work for 15 hours/week, year round, in the lab, completing a research project (volunteering an additional 21 hours in the summer is recommended)
  • Interact with a faculty research mentor who will guide their development as researchers in his/her laboratory
  • Meet and work with WSRTP training staff
  • Receive research professional development training on how to read scientific papers and make presentations
  • Obtain training and earn letters of recommendation required by doctoral programs, medical schools, or even entry-level research jobs following graduation
  • Receive access to study rooms and computer laboratories
  • Participate in training courses and activities developed by the MARC-U*STAR and RISE Undergraduate Research Training Programs, that prepare their students for entry into the top doctoral programs in the nation!


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