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Orientation Leader Application

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Below is the 2015 Orientation Leader Application Form.  Applicants must fill out all sections in this form and will be asked at the end to choose an interview date and time (be sure to write this information down).  Please contact OFP at if you should have any questions.

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SECTION I: Student Information

Banner ID#: (Do not put @ symbol)    

myUTSA ID: (abc123)    

First Name:    

Last Name:    


Current Address:  

Apt #:  



Zip Code:    

Contact Phone#: (ex xxx-xxx-xxxx)    

myUTSA Email Address:    



I attend classes primarily at:  

Current UTSA GPA:    

Expected Date of Graduation: (ex: May 2016)  

Are you a participant in any of the following programs:

How did you find out about the Orientation Leader position?
If Other, Please Specify:    

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