Other Resources for Instructors portal provides important information to faculty on various topics including Blackboard Best Practices, Important Dates, Request Forms, Blackboard New Features and Upgrades, Resources for TAs, Semester Start Checklist and Known Issues.

Blackboard Best Practices: This page has several documents on best practices related to use and/or implementation of Blackboard tools.

Important Dates: This pages lists dates for release of course to faculty, TAs and students.

Known Issues in Blackboard: This page lists current known issues, fixes/solutions (if any) and work arounds  regarding Blackboard and its tools.

New Features and Upgrades: Blackboard releases new features or upgrades every six months. This information is shared on this page.

Request Forms: This pages provides details of information that has to be submitted when faculty request a new Blackboard course shell, Blackboard course restoration from previous semester, an early release of Blackboard course to students, an extension of Blackboard course availability, etc

Resources for TAs:  This pages provides information fo r TAs.

Semester Start Checklist: This pages provides information for faculty to assist in getting started with their teaching using Blackboard Learn.




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