UTSA Introduces a New Secondary Internet

July 25, 2016

by Danicia Steele at 3:40 PM in Campus Community, Projects, News, Staff News

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In the fall, UTSA will be implementing a secondary Internet connection to help secure and improve the performance of the university's network system for students, faculty, and staff. The secondary connection will be utilized to provide Internet redundancy incase of network outage from the primary service provider. They are becoming more popular and necessary for industries that rely on Internet usage like UTSA.

Currently, the university has a primary data center located at the main campus in the John Peace Library (JPL). UTSA's primary service provider maintains the network services for the Main, Downtown, and Hemisfair Campuses. Although we have reliable service the majority of the time, there are uncontrollable incidents that may cause the primary service provider to have an outage. These outages affect both Internet applications and email services, they also affect student and staff services offered both on and off campus (AirRowdy, Blackboard, ASAP).

Director of Infrastructure Services Daniel Byrd stated, "The secondary connection will allow us some network redundancy" (i.e. other options/ backup plan).  This will lead to fewer server interruptions and increase the uptime for critical business operations at UTSA. Byrd also said, "We are utilizing a new service provider (Level3) for the new network service." Level3 is a well-respected Internet service provider widely known for offering high performing, secure and fast connectivity.

 "This is a multiphase project that will provide not just internet redundancy but also redundancy for other core services at UTSA", Byrd specified as he described the different phases of this project. The team is in the purchasing process, in which they are finalizing a request for a proposal (RFP). The RFP is designed to help the university elicit bids from potential vendors for desired Information Technology (IT) products for the university. Once this step is completed, the team will work with network security to replace the university's firewall to better fit the new Internet connection.

UTSA's secondary connection will be located at the Main Campus in the Applied Engineering and Technology Building (AET). Byrd says we can look for the project to be completed by the end of December 2016.

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