Meet a Geek: Michael Medrano

December 22, 2016

by Dalinda Hanna at 7:01 AM in Meet a Geek



We at OIT were curious about how well we really know our colleagues. In this blog post series, we'll interview the many faces of OIT to get a better understanding of the people who work with technology at UTSA.

So now let's meet Enterprise Communication Technician Michael Medrano!


Full name/nickname(s):

Michael Anthony Medrano Jr.

Job title:

Enterprise Communication Technician

On a typical day on the job, I ..

install, move, disconnect, and program phones.

My family consists of..

my parents and two older sisters.

My parents used to say..

“feel stupid” when my sisters and I would unintentionally hurt ourselves.

Pets and/or other varmints...


Time at UTSA (including school and work)…

Roughly a little more than 2 years. 

The best thing I ever won in a contest was..

a Lego set.

My prized possession is..

a gift from my grandmother.

No one would recognize if they saw me..

wearing my TUBA! or a tamu shirt. Hook ‘Em Horns!!!

Special Talent/Stupid Human Trick…..

I play guitar, piano, and sing.

In my spare time, I like to..

play music and play video games with my friends.

Favorite pieces of clothing are..

my suits, ties, and longhorn apparel. 

Weirdest thing I admit to wearing….

It’s not weird but a suit of armor fashioned from the videogame series Halo.

Favorite food and/or restaurant is ..

Chama Gaucha, a Brazilian steakhouse.

Star Wars or Star Trek?


Favorite TV show…

Avatar the last airbender, Scrubs, Rick and Morty, South Park

Favorite movie...

Blazing Saddles, Spaceballs, most marvel movies, most Christopher Nolan movies.

Favorite candy bar...


Favorite ice cream flavor...

Vanilla with marshmallows and Reese’s peanut butter cups

Favorite cereal...


Favorite cake…

Devil’s Food Chocolate Cake

Favorite place to visit or vacation...

Darrel K Royal Memorial Stadium on Game day, also Hawaii. 

I'm currently listening to..

EVERYTHING. Classical, pop, rap, rock, country, Tejano, musicals, metal, electronic, etc.

In the past year, I ..

built a music studio in my home.

In the coming year, I plan to..

build more tech stuff in my house.

Right now, I am..

reading textbooks for class.