All Podium and General-Purpose Classroom Computers to be Upgraded to Windows 10

February 28, 2017



The Enterprise Managed Customer Solutions (EMCS) and Learning Technologies (LT) teams of the UTSA Office of Information Technology (OIT) are set to upgrade the operating system on all podium and general-purpose classroom computers on the Main and Downtown Campuses in May 2017. To perform this upgrade, the teams will deploy the Microsoft operating system Windows 10 on the computers.

"OIT wants the computers to be on the most updated, secure operating system whenever possible," said Joe Tobares, director of Learning Technologies. "This is why we decided to move to Windows 10. Every year we do an image refresh, and we moved the timeframe for this project to May, when there are very few classes occurring."

Deploying this new operating system will be beneficial for the UTSA community as it will help foster increased productivity, collaboration, and innovation amongst users. The EMCS and LT teams, therefore, plan to roll out this new operating system to the UTSA community prior to the start of the summer semester.

"This upgrade will allow OIT to give UTSA faculty access to the latest software that they can use in their classes," Tobares continued. "Also, it will keep our students competitive and up-to-date as we begin to deploy this operating system to other places on campus."

The Enterprise Managed Customer Solutions team is responsible for software configurations, software licensing and assisting with managing the computers at UTSA. Along with upgrading the operating system on the podium and general-purpose computers, the team also creates special podium images for classroom computers used by the entire UTSA community.

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