OIT Hosts High-Performance Computing Training

June 28, 2017

Zhiwei Wang presenting on High-Performance Computing

(Zhiwei Wang presenting on High-Performance Computing.)


Written by: Danicia Steele, Communication Specialist

On June 19, Enterprise Research Application Support Analyst Zhiwei Wang in the Office of Information Technology’s (OIT) Research Computing Support Group (RCSG) hosted a High-Performance Computing (HPC) training. The training took place in the UTSA VizLab (MS 1.03.06N) from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. and was open to UTSA faculty and staff.

During the training, attendees were given an overview of UTSA’s HPC cluster, Shamu, managed by RCSG. Customers were given a hands on experience on the basic level skills for using Shamu. The class provided the proper steps for:

  • Logging into the cluster
  • Starting an application
  • Creating a simple job description for the cluster
  • Submitting a job request

“Recently I helped some researchers in the Center for Archaeological Research (CAR) to utilize Shamu for their 3D modeling project. The estimated process time for one data set was 40 hours when using their desktop computers,” said Wang. “However, once they used Shamu, the processing time reduced to 20 minutes per data set.”

Training class discussing the parallel computing cluster.

(Training class discussing the parallel computing cluster.)

Wang also explained the concept of parallel computing and why customers should consider using it to speed up their data processing opposed to sequential computing. Furthermore, the attendees were introduced to the different parallel computing system categories, helping them find which option is most beneficial for their daily workload.

“In today’s world, it’s difficult to do any research without computing support, and reliable computing support has an enormous impact on the research results,” stated Wang. “This training will help customers enhance their research capability by learning and experiencing parallel computing concept.”

Wang giving the class a walkthrough on access the HPC

(Wang giving the class a walkthrough on accessing the HPC)

Costumers were also introduced to the Sun Grid Engine (SGE), a powerful HPC cluster management software used for resource management and job scheduling.

Additional High-Performance Computing training is slated for July 14th and July 21st. In fall 2017, the training will be open to student as well.  

Visit the UTSA Human Resources Training & Development website for a complete schedule of training sessions available at UTSA.