UTSA Office of Online Learning Introduces SoftChalk Cloud for Faculty

June 29, 2017


In fall 2017, UTSA faculty can look forward to the newest version of SoftChalk Create 9, SoftChalk Cloud.  SoftChalk Cloud is an e-learning authoring tool used to create digital lessons hosted in an Internet-based platform. Unlike SoftChalk Create 9, the new version will be available on both the desktop and the cloud. The cloud version will give users the option to create and update their lessons directly on the cloud and save them automatically in different Blackboard courses.  Faculty can also share and edit the same lesson among multiple users, explore the SoftChalk Share Repository and access a huge variety of free lessons available to the SoftChalk community.


Screenshot of a digital lesson built with SoftChalk Cloud.

(Screenshot of a digital lesson built with SoftChalk Cloud. Student Orientation to Online Learning at UTSA course – online course open to UTSA students.)

Beginning August 2017, UTSA’s Office of Online Learning will offer training to all faculty on the best practices and recommendations when using SoftChalk Cloud. The training is structured to help faculty create engaging lessons that reflect the instructors’ unique teaching styles and will provide different examples and guidelines based on the faculty’s level of confidence with SoftChalk Could: beginner, intermediate, and advanced.

“SoftChalk Cloud is a great tool for multimodal content representation. It allows faculty to create engaging activities that let students interact with content and self-check their knowledge said, Senior Instructional Designer, Dr. Claudia Arcolin. “The tool is user-friendly and allows faculty to build on their previous experience with common writing and editing tools like Word.”


Screenshot of a digital lesson built with SoftChalk Cloud.

(Screenshot of a digital lesson built with SoftChalk Cloud. PHI2043: Introductory Logic, online course Summer 2017 - Dr. Michael Almeida.)


The cloud version is beneficial to both faculty and students as it allows instructors to personalize each lesson and adjust to the different learning styles. Instructors can add interactive activities to their lessons such as quizzes, crosswords, polls, and much more. Lessons can also include hyperlinks, embedded videos or images, and a highlight section, limiting the student’s navigation and making everything needed available in one lesson.

New and current users can attend fall training for assistance setting up the SoftChalk Cloud and transferring over their current lessons.

For more information on SoftChalk Cloud visit the UTSA SoftChalk webpage.

To discover the resources and services available for online education, please contact the Office of Online Learning at onlinelearning@utsa.edu, or visit the UTSA Online website.