UTSA Office of Information Technology Receives Feedback from the Student Government Association (SGA)

November 16, 2017

SGAMeeting with UTSA students and OIT staff

(Anthony Espinoza and other OIT staff meet with UTSA Student Government Association representatives.)

Written by: Nicole Duff, Communications Specialist

Earlier this fall, the UTSA Office of Information Technology (OIT) collaborated with the UTSA Student Government Association (SGA) to create a focus group. Comprised of SGA representatives and members of OIT leadership and staff, this focus group was initially designed as a forum to garner student feedback on the UTSA Mobile App.

The UTSA Mobile App, which was developed by the OIT Application Development and Support (ADS) team, along with its vendor DubLabs, contains different features to enhance the academic and social experience of Roadrunners. It enables users to view course information, campus dining hours and locations, even find their way around campus via its built-in map and more.

In an effort to ensure the optimal user-experience, particularly for the mobile-first student, OIT formed this focus group as a direct channel to hear from UTSA student body representatives about how the app could be improved to further engage students and add value to their college experience.

“The feedback received has been very eye-opening not only for myself, but also a lot of OIT staff,” said Anthony Espinoza, deputy CIO. “This is particularly helpful for the developers who code the app.”

The feedback received thus far has led the ADS team and DubLabs to upgrade the app, making it more modernized and customizable and therefore, more appealing especially for our student population.

“We have already changed the user interface based on the feedback and we are making modifications to other features as suggested,” said Espinoza. “Our goal is to make the app more usable for our students.”

Over the course of its time, the SGA focus group, which convenes on a monthly basis, has expanded its scope to focus on OIT’s technology offerings in general. SGA members provide feedback on other OIT products and services such as AirRowdy, PrintSpot, StudentConnect and the charging towers.

In addition, they learn from OIT managers about how these resources are conveniently accessible to help foster productivity, collaboration, and success and are available to students at no additional cost.

“The opportunity to provide feedback allows us to have a say in the quality of the technological infrastructure that is provided from OIT,” said Marcus Thomas, president of SGA. “This in turn plays an essential role in Roadrunners’ education.”


For a complete listing of OIT products and services, visit us at: https://www.utsa.edu/oit/

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