OIT Managers Participate in Two of President Eighmy’s Task Forces

December 07, 2017

Ben Garcia and Jayashree Iyengar

(Ben Garcia and Jayashree Iyengar)


Written by: Nicole Duff, Communications Specialist

Director of Customer Service and Operations Support Ben Garcia and Director of Application Development and Support Jayashree Iyengar from the UTSA Office of Information Technology (OIT) were recently identified to participate in two of President Eighmy’s Task Forces. The sessions were held at various times on November 8th in the John Peace Library Faculty Center Conference Room (JPL 4.04.12C) on the UTSA Main Campus.

Garcia participated in a discussion focused on “Student Onboarding and Technologies,” as part of President Eighmy’s Student Success Initiative. This session featured consultants from the Education Advisory Board (EAB) and enabled stakeholders from across the university to engage in discourse regarding the student onboarding journey, technologies used in the process and some of the common barriers to student success.

“Basically our job from an onboarding and technology standpoint was to map out the students’ journey from applicant to admitted,” Garcia explained. “We discussed what that journey involves, what students experience and the technologies that are offered at each step.” 

The Student Success Task Force is responsible for formulating a plan to assist students prior to their enrollment and post-graduation. EAB and the Student Success Task Force will evaluate information gathered from participants at the event.

“I am honored to have participated,” said Garcia. “I think for OIT it reaffirms the value of what our department strives for in being a partner in collaborating with the entire university community, especially students.”

Similarly, Iyengar participated in a session as part of President Eighmy’s Strategic Enrollment Planning Task Force. The session was entitled “Preparing for Strategic Enrollment Planning at The University of Texas at San Antonio” and was led by representatives from Ruffalo Noel Levitz (RNL). Iyengar is a member of the task force’s data team.

The event served as a forum for participants to discuss data gathering strategies for various sub-committees. In addition, participants were able to complete a UTSA Strategic Enrollment Planning (SEP) Data Gathering Checklist.

“I, too, am honored to have been invited to be part of the initiative, said Iyengar. “I look forward to providing the support needed to ensure that right data sources will be used.”

RNL is an organization committed to helping higher education institutions and non-profit organizations manage enrollment and student success.

The Strategic Enrollment Planning Task Force is responsible for creating strategies to help predict the long-term strategic enrollment of the university.


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