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PrintSpot Windows 7/8/10 Installation Instructions


The PrintSpot print driver functions in the same way as printing from the SCS (Student Computing Services) labs. Once installed, you simply click print from your native application and select the Printspot printer. A pop-up will appear asking for your myUTSA ID. Simply enter it in and click ok. The job will be sent to the PrintSpot queue and wait for you to release it at any PrintSpot printer on campus. You will need to be connected to AirRowdy to install the driver.





*Important! Please see note below.*

For the driver to install properly, the following steps must be performed.

    1. Download this driver and save it to the local computer, perhaps on your desktop, documents or downloads folder.
    2.  Browse to the saved location and find the file "UTSAPrintspot.exe". Right-Click and select "Run As Administrator".

***Even if you have Administrator rights on your computer, this step is still necessary to allow the driver to complete the necessary registry updates. The default behavior of Windows User Account Control will block the registry modifications without even notifying you and you will not be able to print.

  • Select install in the lower right once the Package installer opens.


  • The installer will automatically install the drive and additional modules required to print.


  • To go ahead and verify that PrintSpot has successfully installed, navigate to "Devices and Printers". Here, you should see "PRINTSPOT" as the default printer selected.


When installing on Windows 8 or 8.1 and 10 – the Windows SmartScreen filter "may" pop-up and block the installation.

Windows SmartScreen is a new safety feature in Windows 8 and Windows RT that can help protect end users from new malware that antimalware software hasn't detected yet. When they download and run an app downloaded from the Internet, SmartScreen uses information about the app's reputation to warn end users if the app isn't well-known and might be malicious.
Use the following steps to bypass SmartScreen and install a program believed is safe.

    1. When prompted by the SmartScreen Filter, click More Info.
    2. Click Run anyway.
    3. If prompted, click OK to proceed with installation.

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