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About the Core

The primary mission of the Kleberg Advanced Microscopy Center (KAMC) is to enable materials research, design, and studies across multiple disciplines through microscopy, analysis, and imaging support to researchers and students within the University of Texas of San Antonio and local, regional, and national industrial community. With a total infrastructure investment of >$5.5 M, the KAMC provides four fundamental services:

  • Research support is provided by designing experimental approaches to suit the investigators' needs and imaging and analytical support for local, regional, and national industrial community.
  • Training consists of equipping users with the practical skills in materials science including characterization and data analysis techniques through an interactive learning environment.
  • Academic instruction through supporting various undergraduate and graduate courses benefiting students in the College of Sciences and Engineering.
  • Outreach is directed towards various community groups, K-12 and other higher education institutions.

We provide open access to advanced research facilities and equipment to support research in nanotechnology, physics, chemistry, biological sciences, earth and planetary sciences, and engineering.

The center houses state-of-the-art instruments in electron microscopy and other advanced characterization equipment and is focused on high-resolution imaging, electron diffraction, electron holography, electron tomography, and EELS. In addition, the KAMC has active capabilities for in situ electron microscopy.

We train researchers on our electron microscopes and other advanced equipment, with the specific goal to produce materials scientists capable of leading analytical and imaging laboratories across the country. Industry users access KAMC facilities for corporate R&D development of micro-electro-mechanical systems, nano-sensors, semiconductors, aerospace, energy, catalysis, and life sciences.


Kleberg Advanced Microscopy Center
Department of Physics and Astronomy
The University of Texas at San Antonio
One UTSA Circle
San Antonio, Texas, 78249

Hours of Operation

8:00 am - 6:00 pm


Nanoscale Analysis: Applied Engineering and Technology Building (AET)
Electron Microscopy: Flawn Science Building (FLN)


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