Richard Anantua

Richard Anantua, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Office: AET 3.386
Phone: (210) 458-6564
Email: Richard.Anantua@utsa.edu
Lab website

Areas of Specialization
  • Astronomy
  • Black Holes
  • Computational Astrophysics
  • General Relativity


Ph.D. in Physics; Stanford University
Ed.M. in Education Policy and Management; Harvard University
M.S. in Physics; Stanford University
B.S. in Physics and Philosophy and B.S. in Economics and Mathematics; Yale University

Research Interests

My current research focuses on reverse engineering near-horizon supermassive black hole observations from intercontinental baselines of radio telescopes –primarily the Event Horizon Telescope (EHT)– using a methodology I call "Observing" Jet/Accretion flow/Black hole (JAB) Simulations. I lead the first EHT research group in Texas, primarily conducting research within the EHT Theory and Simulations Working Group. I also lead the EHT Outreach Group for the Americas, and have established nexuses between EHT and networks supporting diversity in the sciences such the NSBP/SAO EHT Scholars program.

My broad research interests have included: theoretical cosmology, high-energy theoretical astrophysics (e.g., Blandford-Znajek jets from supermassive black holes), high-energy theoretical particle physics (e.g., string theory [especially AdS/CFT correspondence]), condensed matter theory (e.g., strongly correlated fermionic systems with holographic dual).


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