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Guidance for Expressive Activities at UTSA

UTSA’s Core Values

We encourage an environment of dialogue and discovery, where integrity, excellence, inclusiveness, respect, collaboration and innovation are fostered.  All laws and policies must be followed.

UTSA's Commitment to Freedom of Expression

The University of Texas at San Antonio is committed to free and open inquiry in all matters, and it guarantees all members of the university community the broadest possible latitude to speak, write, listen, challenge, and learn. Except insofar as limitations on that freedom are necessary to the functioning of the university, UTSA fully respects and supports the freedom of all members of the university community “to discuss,” in the words of former University of Chicago President Robert M. Hutchins, “any problem that presents itself." In accordance with state law, UTSA also acknowledges and protects the public’s right to peacefully assemble and engage in expressive activities in the university’s common outdoor areas.


In keeping with our institutional values, individuals are prohibited from badgering, harassing, or assaulting any other person for any reason.  Should you experience this type of behavior at any time, please contact a University staff member or the UTSA Police Department at 210-458-4911 for assistance.


The personal property of others, including but not limited to posters, signs, phones, and other items, should be respected. Damage to, or otherwise tampering with, the personal property of others, without authorization or consent, will not be tolerated.


The display of exhibits requires an advance reservation with Events Management & Conference Services.

“Exhibits” are objects or collection of related objects, designed to stand on the ground or on a raised surface, which is not a table, is designed for temporary display, and is not permanently attached to the ground.  This includes a-frames, pull-up banners, and poster displays.

Amplified Sound

The use of amplified sound requires an advance reservation with Events Management & Conference Services.  "Amplified sound" means sound where volume is increased by any electric, electronic, mechanical, or motor-powered means. This includes but is not limited to, bullhorns, speakers, laptops, cell phones, microphones, and tablets.

Tables and Chairs

The use of University furniture for private tabling or exhibits is prohibited.


UTSA encourages individuals or groups seeking to use the common outdoor areas to reserve space in advance.

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For Additional Questions

Office of Student Activities

Events Management & Conference Services
Student Union 1.02.04


» UTSA Peaceful Public Assembly Policy

» UT System Board of Regents Rules and Regulations

Loss of Rights

Individuals or groups who fail to abide by these and other applicable rules may lose their right to engage in expressive activities on campus.

 COVID Requirements

Individuals and groups must abide by the Roadrunner Pact.

Wear A Mask
Wear a face cover and cough or sneeze into your sleeve or a tissue. 

Maintain Distance
Maintain at least 6 feet physical distance from others and avoid common areas

Wash Up
Wash your hands with soap and water regularly.

Check Yourself
Monitor yourself vigilantly to check for common symptoms of COVID-19.

Stay Home
Stay home if you feel sick.