Total Solar Eclipse Campus Viewing Party

April 8, 2024  |  12-2 PM  |  UTSA East Recreation Field Complex (map)

All UTSA students, faculty and staff are invited to attend the university's official viewing party for the April 8 total eclipse. Take advantage of the fact that UTSA's Main Campus is in the direct path of the eclipse by joining your friends and colleagues for this unforgettable experience!

Here are the top things you need to know about the eclipse and our campus viewing party!

What to Expect

Enjoy a narrated community viewing experience led by Angela Speck, professor of astronomy and UTSA's resident eclipse expert. All are invited to gather on the Recreation Field for a magnificent clear sightline of the eclipse and crowd countdown.

Water stations will be provided to keep everyone cool and hydrated.

Event Highlights

12:14 pm  First contact
01:15 pm  Birds and other critters start reacting 
01:32 pm  One-minute countdown!
01:33 pm  Start of totality
01:35 pm  End of Totality


What to Bring With You

Here are important items that you do (and don't) want to have as you enjoy the eclipse from campus:

What to Bring
Consider bringing a few items to make your viewing experience more comfortable, such as a reusable water bottle, blanket or lawn chair, and sun protection (sunscreen, hat, handheld umbrella, etc.)
What Not to Bring
Pop-up tents, pets, beach umbrellas, speakers, portable grills and food are not allowed on the recreation field


Pick up your Special Edition UTSA Solar Eclipse glasses early!

Beat the crowd and pick up your Special Edition UTSA Solar Eclipse glasses at the following locations.

Main Campus, at the Outdoor Learning Environments (OLÉ) outside the Flawn Sciences Building on any of the following date and times: 

Wednesday, April 3 from 12-2 PM
Thursday, April 4 from 10-12 PM
Friday, April 5 from 11-12 PM


Downtown Campus, at any of the following locations during their normal operating hours.

The Rowdy Store Downtown, Frio Street Building
The College for Health, Community and Policy, Durango Building, 4.122
The Downtown Library, Buena Vista Street Building, 2.314



Join us at the East Recreational Field Complex directly behind the UTSA Rec Center on the UTSA Main Campus. Bring your chair or blanket to enjoy the eclipse in comfort!

See the map below for on-campus directions!


Protect your Eyes 

Special Edition, souvenir UTSA Solar Eclipse glasses will be provided for free to campus viewing party attendees.

Always use appropriate eye protection when looking into the sun! If there’s ANY bright part of the Sun showing, then you have to wear protection. 


What is a solar eclipse? 

Curious about the science behind the eclipse? The UTSA Department of Physics and Astronomy is your go-to! Dive into their resources exploring the significance of this celestial event.

Learn more  »

A Few Safety Tips

Whether you're viewing the eclipse from campus or from another location, keep these important precautions in mind. 

  • Do NOT look into the sun without proper eye protection (ISO–123 certified glasses). Learn more about solar viewing glasses from the American Astronomical Society.
  • Do NOT use regular sunglasses to view the eclipse.
  • Do NOT look at the sun through a camera lens, telescope, binoculars or any other optical device while wearing eclipse glasses or using a handheld solar viewer.
  • Do NOT block streets or first responder vehicles.
  • Be sure you are standing in a safe area. Stay out of roadways and be aware of your surroundings when looking up.
  • See more safety tips from the City of San Antonio

More Info About the Eclipse from UTSA Experts


Planet UTSA Podcast

Planet UTSA is a newly launched podcast series developed to explore eclipse-related educational opportunities. New episodes will be available each Thursday from now through April 4.

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UTSA Sombrilla Magazine

Sombrilla Magazine highlights the impact and achievements of UTSA students, faculty, staff and alumni throughout the world. View the special Eclipse edition and learn more from UTSA specialists!




The Buzz on Bee Eclipse Behavior  

UTSA scientists will head out to the beehives an hour before the total solar eclipse to set up acoustic and visual recording devices. The team will record how bees act before, during and after the eclipse.

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