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UTSA Staff Employee Scholarship Opportunities

UTSA already offers 12 semester credit hours of designated tuition and mandatory fee waivers in undergraduate and graduate coursework each year for eligible employees through the Employee Educational Benefit (EEB) program. A scholarship from Staff Council could help you pay for associated costs, like textbooks and supplies, or could be applied toward the cost of taking additional credit hours.

The Staff Council Annual Scholarship currently includes two $500 awards for the undergraduate level and two $500 awards for the graduate level. Additionally, eligible staff may apply for the Staff Council Endowed Scholarship, which is also awarded annually (amount varies).

Award: Two awards $500 for undergraduate level and two awards $500 for graduate level

  • Must be degree seeking "benefits eligible" in accordance with university policy and either a classified or administrative & professional staff employee at UTSA
  • Must be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident
  • Must enroll for a minimum of 3 credit hours
  • Must be in good academic standing
  • Must supply a one-page, typed biographical essay describing obstacles or challenges faced in obtaining a higher education.
  • Include personal and/or professional goals and the role of the scholarship in obtaining these goals. Also include any contributions made to UTSA and other information that will help the committee make an informed decision.
  • Current Staff Council members not eligible to apply.
  • Application Requirements: General Scholarship application

Award: One award annually; amounts varies

  • Must be full-time UTSA staff employee enrolled in undergraduate or graduate courses
  • Must enroll at UTSA part-time or full-time and pursuing a degree
  • Must have a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher
  • Application Requirements: General Scholarship application and attach a 200-word essay explaining how pursuing a degree at UTSA will assist you in your current and future work in higher education


  • Complete the On-Line General Scholarship Application at
  • Upon clicking on the General Scholarship Application link, you will be directed to sign into the UTSA Scholarship Hub.
  • Once signed in, fill out the General Scholarship Application and submit.
  • The deadline to submit the General Scholarship Application is January 15th.

**Please note that you will be required to submit your required essay in the box provided on the application. Failure to include the required essays will result in your ineligibility for the scholarship.

If you have any questions, please visit the UTSA Scholarship Office online. Each year, the Staff Council raises money through events, such as the annual Strikes for Scholarships night of bowling, to generate scholarship funds for UTSA staff interested in receiving financial support to further their education.

Donate to Staff Council Scholarships!
  • Click on the "Make a Gift" link at the top of the page
  • Select “Other” in the fund dropdown menu
  • Type “Staff Council Scholarship” in the box provided
  • Select the donation amount
  • Click the "Give by Card" button

Past Scholarships Recipients

Award Certificate IconLorenzo D. Sanchez

Picture of Lorenzo Sanchez

Lorenzo D. Sanchez, UTSA Director of Emergency Management and a doctoral student in the Applied Demography program received a 2015-2016 Staff Council scholarship.
"I am very thankful to my fellow staff members for supporting scholarship fundraising events, which provide financial assistance to other staff members who are pursuing their educational goals. Receiving this scholarship helped to lessen the financial burden of school related expenses, which I greatly appreciate. Also, being a scholarship recipient was definitely a confidence booster and reaffirms that my hard work as a graduate student and full-time employee are paying off. While pursuing a graduate degree and working full-time, life can become overwhelming, but this recognition and encouragement from my colleagues was just what the doctor ordered! I encourage all staff members who are pursuing their degrees to apply for the UTSA Staff Council Annual Scholarship – never stop achieving your academic goals!"

Award Certificate IconDiane Gutierrez

Picture of Diane Gutierrez

Diane Gutierrez, Administrative Associate II for the College of Engineering Academic Advising, received a 2015-2016 Staff Council scholarship.
"This scholarship means the world to me. It really means everything to me and what I mean by that is, I wasn’t able to afford to go to school when I was a single mom and then when my daughter went to college and received her degree, I went back to college and I am trying to finish my degree now. I did finish my Associate’s Degree at Northwest Vista College in 2014. But I got married later and life and my husband has had two biopsies and two surgeries and he is not working so it is really hard to support him on my income and try and afford to go to school as well."

Award Certificate IconCié Gee

Picture of Cié Gee

Cié Gee, a doctoral student in the Educational Leadership and Policy Studies program and a 2014-2015 Staff Council recipient stated regarding the scholarship, “I encourage UTSA staff who are pursing degrees to apply for this scholarship because it is a wonderful example of staff supporting staff and of course it is an excellent gift that lessens the financial burden.”

Award Certificate Icon Araceli A. Pacheco

Picture of Araceli Pacheco

Araceli A. Pacheco, a communications major who works in the PeopleSoft Support and Sustainment Center (PSSC), received a scholarship for the 2014-2015 academic year as well as 2015-2016.
“Receiving the UTSA Staff Council Annual Scholarship lets me focus on my studies and I don’t have to worry about taking out any loans for my education.” She went on to share some encouragement about why staff should further their education and apply for the scholarship. “When I began thinking about becoming a student at UTSA, I asked myself, ‘Am I too old to go to college?’ I want to tell all those staff members that are asking themselves that same question, ‘No, you are never too old!’ Education is such an important part of reaching your dreams and goals. If you have the desire to further your education, GO FOR IT!”