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Chemistry PhD Program

Program Highlights

  • Full tuition and healthcare coverage throughout the program with an annual assistantship of $26,000/$28,000. Opportunities for up to $5000 bonus graduate fellowships in the first year in addition to the assistantship.
  • High quality research in the areas of Catalysis, Drug Discovery, Enzymology, Structural Biology, Materials Science, Surface Science, Nanoscience, Computational and Data Science across the traditional subdisciplines of Chemistry.
  • Seminar series with worldwide leading experts from academia, industry, and government.
  • Opportunities to present research at national and international conferences.
  • Publications in high impact journals.
  • World class core facilities (NMR, mass spectroscopy, X-ray diffraction, high performance computing, electron microscopy, proteomics, biophotonics, chemical pharmacology, and drug discovery).

Graduate Advisor of Record

Graduate Advisor of Record

Dr. Zachary Tonzetich
(210) 458-5465