Palden Lama

Palden Lama, Ph.D.

Associate Professor and Undergraduate Advisor of Record

Office: NPB 3.306
Email: Palden.Lama@utsa.edu
Lab website | Personal website

Areas of Specialization
  • Cloud Computing
  • Distributed Systems
  • Operating Systems
  • Sustainable Computing


Ph.D. in Computer Science; University of Colorado
B.Tech in Electronics and Communication Engineering; Indian Institute of Technology

Research Interests

The ever-evolving and growing internet services have set forth many challenges to computer scientists who are constantly looking for effective ways of making it more scalable, secure, reliable and faster. At the same time, there is a need to make these systems self-adaptive and autonomic to reduce human efforts. This is a field of active research which demands state-of-the-art techniques that transcend the boundary of various disciplines of computer science as well as computer engineering. Dr. Lama's research interests lie broadly at the synergistic intersection of cloud computing, edge computing, big data, and cybersecurity. He focuses on developing systems and middleware approaches to improve the performance, efficiency, and security of cloud, edge, and big data systems.


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