Research: Networked Computer Systems

Networked computer systems, from embedded and mobile devices to large-scale high-performance computers, data centers, and cloud computing, have become the backbone of our society’s IT infrastructure, supporting public services, business, scientific innovation, healthcare, and education. The wide application of networked computer systems has made the research on their design, management, optimization, and applications important research areas.

UTSA's Computer Science faculty have a long history of conducting high-impact and innovative research in such systems. Their research involved the fundamental system designs, hardware, algorithms, and optimizations for low-power embedded and IoT devices, parallel, distributed and high-performance computing, cloud computing and data centers, and computer networks. Their research also involves systems support for a wide range of applications, such as web services, AI, big data, healthcare, earth science, virtual/augmented reality, robotics, security, and privacy.

Participating Faculty