Hongjie Xie

Hongjie Xie, Ph.D.


Phone: (210) 458-5445
Email: Hongjie.Xie@utsa.edu
Lab website

Areas of Specialization
  • Polar and Climate Science
  • Remote Sensing, Geoinformatics
  • Surface Water and Hydrology


Ph.D. in Geological Sciences; University of Texas at El Paso
M.S. in Geochemistry; Beijing Research Institute of Uranium Geology
B.S. in Geology; East China Institute of Technology

Research Interests

Dr. Xie’s research interests are the water, cryosphere and climate sciences using remote sensing, geospatial data science/analytics, machine learning/deep learning, and modeling approaches. His research areas cover a broad area of the Earth and Planetary Systems such as the Arctic, Antarctic, Tibetan Plateau, The Rockies, The Andes, the Moon and the Mars.