Yongli Gao

Yongli Gao, Ph.D.

Associate Professor
Amy Shelton and V. H. McNutt Distinguished Professorship in Geology

Phone: (210) 458-7029
Email: Yongli.Gao@utsa.edu

Areas of Specialization
  • Environmental Geology
  • Hydrogeology


Ph.D. in Geology; University of Minnesota
M.S. in Computer Science, University of Minnesota
M.S. in Geochemistry, Beijing University
B.S.in Geology, Beijing University

Research Interests

Dr. Gao’s research includes studies of hydroclimate and extreme weather, speleothem-based climate records, hazard assessment and remediation in karst areas, ecohydrology and sustainability in arid regions, dynamics of sea ice production in the polar regions, and carbon cycle before the Great Oxidation Event.