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How will it work?

The program utilizes a "Medical School clinical rotation" approach with participants rotated through semester-long experiential learning experiences in four potential career tracks. Two cohorts of fifteen students each were invited to participate in the first academic internship in January 2017 and 2018. For this first semester in the program, students were matched with a faculty mentor based on common interests in geoscience subfields and participated in research activities within the research group.

rotation scheme

From those who satisfactorily completed the academic rotation, 9 and 8 students were chosen by lottery to continue on to two professional rotations that began in Fall 2017 and 2018, respectively. Selected students submitted their order of priority of interest in possible career tracks (Energy Resources, Water Resources, Geo-environmental Assessment). Selections were made by weighting student priority, coursework preparation, and availability of intern placements (maximum of 3 participants in each field/rotation; tracks cannot be repeated). All students gave presentations at the end-of-semester symposium about their work and participated in evaluation surveys and interviews to assess the effectiveness of the program.

In addition, student participants attended professional activities aimed at improving both academic performance and professional career preparedness, as illustrated below.


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