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Dr. Lindsey Macpherson

Lindsey Macpherson, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Department of Biology

Please tell us about yourself.
I am an Assistant Professor in the Department of Biology at UTSA. I started here in fall 2017, before joining UTSA, I was a postdoctoral fellow at Columbia University in New York, and prior to that I did my Ph.D. at Scripps Research, La Jolla, California. My lab here at UTSA is in the BSE building. We study sensory neuroscience broadly, but more specifically our ability to detect chemicals within our food. This includes both the sense of taste and chemosensation within the gut.

How would you describe your role in 10 words or less?
Mentor students, seek funding, write papers, teach classes, explore science

What is your proudest moment with the College of Sciences?
I recently attended the winter 2019 commencement ceremony. Two students from my lab received their B.S. and M.S. degrees. I was so proud of them and their accomplishments!

What do you enjoy most about your job?
I really enjoy mentoring the students in my lab. It's so rewarding to see them overcome challenges and failures (which happen all of the time) and witness the moments where they break through and get that thrill of discovery. That's the feeling that propelled me through grad school and postdoc, and now I get to share that with my students which adds even more excitement for me.

What does your ideal Saturday look like?
My typical Saturday is pretty ideal to me. First, my kids drag me out of bed (I'm not a morning person) and we make breakfast together. Neil (8) is pretty helpful while Nora (almost 3) is still cracking eggs on the floor. After breakfast, we gear up for Neil's soccer match—he's so fun to watch. Then on an ideal Saturday, I would skip the HEB run in favor for going to lunch at Rudy's BBQ followed by a hike around Friedrich Wilderness park. Afterward I'd probably want a nap, and then dinner and s'mores at home around our fire pit. And then watch random SNL sketches on YouTube with my husband before bed.


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