Dr. Hongjie Xie

Hongjie Xie, Ph.D., Department of Geological Sciences

What do you enjoy most about your area of study?
I get to see big pictures of earth from satellites, from populated areas to the middle of nowhere, and even other planets!

What are some of the most notable research projects that you've been involved in?
My fieldwork has taken me to the polar regions funded by the National Science Foundation and others. It is fun, challenging, but filled with once-in-a-lifetime memories and experiences.

What is your proudest moment with the COS?
Woo, I would say when I heard from Dean Silva that the provost is super-excited about our strategic plan to advance our department. This was really a moment that I felt like "we got it." We will be a really different department with just a few small changes.

What do you enjoy most about your job?
When I work with students and see that they are making progress, publishing their papers, and graduating.

How would you spend your ideal Saturday?
I would spend my ideal Saturday relaxing and hiking.

What are your book recommendations?
In recent years, I really do not read other books, outside of journal articles in my field. In the past, I've enjoyed reading history books and I still do enjoy watching movies about the past.

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