Biotechnology M.S. Program

Welcome to the Biotechnology M.S. Degree Program

The Master of Science degree program in Biotechnology offers opportunities for rigorous, advanced study and research in biotechnology; students are prepared for employment and research in this rapidly advancing and expanding field. A broad common base knowledge for biotechnology is provided in the Master's degree by a comprehensive core curriculum that includes key areas in biochemistry, cell and molecular biology, and immunology. All students receive practical training through the completion of at least two laboratory courses. Additional coursework is selected from a list of approved lecture based and laboratory courses. Students can have the option of pursuing a thesis project or can earn graduate credit from an off-campus internship in a biotechnology-based company.

San Antonio

With a long history as a cultural cross-roads, San Antonio is an affordable, minority-majority city with a vibrant civic culture. It is the 7th most populous city and 24th largest metro area the U.S.
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Graduate Advisor of Record

Graduate Advisor of Record

Dr. Valerie Sponsel
(210) 458-5929