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We are chemical hydrogeologists and aqueous geochemists working on environmental sustainability.

Our research focuses on issues of water resources, water availability, and understanding the cycling of different metals and organic compounds in our groundwaters, surface waters, soils, and sediments, as well as how land use pattern changes affect the distribution of such metals and pollutants in our environments. Our research projects have links to health impact assessments, targeting both human and ecosystem health.

We are also interested in studies on trace element and oxyanion migration and contamination in the environment, especially in groundwaters, urban air particulates, rice grains, and unproductive soil environments, using hydrological and geochemical tools including speciation of elements via synchrotron spectroscopy. Dr. Datta and his students travel to various sites in India, Bangladesh, Argentina, Mexico, and several states within the U.S.

We have been working in delineation of areas of groundwater problems in Kansas, Texas, and neighboring states. Additionally, recent studies of mineralization in rock-brine and supercritical CO2 mixtures in a CO2 injection scenario within subsurface saline aquifers has gained momentum in our group.

Dr. Datta

I am always looking for new students!
Contact me if you are interested in graduate studies in hydrogeology and geochemistry at UTSA.
Dr. Saugata Datta
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Postdoctoral Fellow Opportunity

The lab has an opening for a two-year postdoctoral position in low temperature geochemistry: application »

Doctoral Student Opportunity

The lab has two openings for doctoral students interested in:

  • soil physics, soil chemistry, water-rock interaction, phosphates and nutrients in soils and interaction: application »
  • groundwater quality, water chemistry, trace elements geochemistry: application »

Recent News

PhD student Kuzipa Kapayi received an NSF/GSA Graduate Student Geoscience Research Grant

PhD student Tom Varner awarded Fulbright Scholarship
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PhD student Protik Banerjee received a GSA Research Grant

Recent Funding

RAPID: Impacts of High Magnitude Wildfire on Volcanic (Lava Tube) Cave Water Chemistry, Nutrient Transport, Activity and Diversity of Cave Microbiome

National Park Service
The Effects of Fires on Cave Health in Lava Beds National Monument: A One Health Team Approach

Signals in the Soil (SitS): Real-Time and Continuous Monitoring of Phosphates in the Soil with Graphene-Based Printed Sensor Arrays