Jose Lopez-Ribot

Jose L. Lopez-Ribot, Pharm.D., Ph.D.

Professor and Associate Dean for Research
Margaret Batts Tobin Distinguished Chair in Biotechnology

Phone: (210) 458-7022
Email: Jose.LopezRibot@utsa.edu
Lab website

Areas of Specialization
  • Antifungal Drug Development
  • High Throughput Screening
  • Immunopathogenesis of Fungal Infections
  • Medical Mycology
  • Microbial Biofilms

Brain Health Consortium
South Texas Center for Emerging Infectious Diseases


Pharm.D./Ph.D. in Pharmacy/Microbiology; University of Valencia, Spain
Licentiature in Pharmacy/Microbiology; University of Valencia, Spain
B.S. in Pharmacy; University of Valencia, Spain

Research Interests

Research in Dr. Lopez-Ribot's lab has provided important insights into the pathogenesis of candidiasis, the main fungal infection affecting an increasing number of immune- and medically-compromised patients. This work encompasses from the basic biology of the cell wall, biofilm formation, adhesion and morphogenetic conversions, to the use of animal models to better understand virulence and host responses, to the more clinical aspects such as antifungal drug discovery and development, drug resistance, vaccines, and nanobiotechnological approaches, with the ultimate goal of devising new strategies for the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of candidiasis.

Training Opportunities

Dr. Lopez-Ribot's lab offers the opportunity for students at all levels (from undergrads to postdoctoral fellows) to be trained in a variety of contemporary and state of the art techniques related to fungal pathogenesis and antifungal drug development. Techniques include (among others) biofilm formation and susceptibility testing, high throughput screening, advance microscopy, nanobiomedicine, and animal models of fungal infections.


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