Neuroscience PhD Program Research

Neuroscience students conduct original research, present their work at national and international conferences, and author articles published in prestigious scientific journals. Research is conducted in modern laboratories and well equipped supporting core facilities. Students have the opportunity to pursue advanced training in a wide range of sub-disciplines. Research support comes from the Neurosciences Institute and the Brain Health Consortium.

Addiction, Emotion and Reward

• Anthony Burgos-Robles • Carlos Paladini • Matthew Wanat

Computational Neuroscience

•  Fidel Santamaria • Francesco Savelli • Todd Troyer • Charles Wilson

Neural Circuits and Behavior

• Alfonso Apicella • David Jaffe • Lindsey Macpherson • Isabel Muzzio •  Fidel Santamaria • Francesco Savelli • Nicole Wicha • Charles Wilson

Stem Cells, Neurodegeneration, and Brain Health

• Melanie Carless • Chris Gamblin • Jenny Hsieh • Hyoung-gon Lee • George Perry

Affiliated Faculty

• Ed Golob • Yufei Huang • Itamar Lerner • Amina Qutub