Logan Bray, Computer Science Major
By Ryan Schoensee

Hailing from Houston, Logan chose to transfer to UTSA in Fall 2020 because of all the great things he’d heard about the university’s IT programs.

Working with computers is something Logan has always enjoyed and he decided to pursue the Cyber Operations track at UTSA because it was recommended to him by a mentor and is an area of study that is rapidly growing at UTSA.

Logan describes his major as having the ability to envision and understand how a new program or application is created. He also appreciates that he’s taking courses on cloud systems and cyber security that will help him round out his major. His favorite course is currently Programming II under Professor Kevin Desai.

To say that Logan loves computers might be something of an understatement. Even as an undergrad, he’s already made a career out of IT. Logan works at the UTSA Tech Café where he assists faculty, students, and staff with troubleshooting systems, setting up new PCs and answering tech questions.

One of the things Logan loves most about UTSA is how it manages to maintain a small and inviting feeling — even with the university’s enrollment breaking new records. Logan believes it’s a huge advantage to have this kind of "small-town" community with all the resources and opportunities afforded by a large university. "Everyone I’ve met at UTSA has been very welcoming, which is something you may not see at other universities of this size."

Although Logan has only been a Roadrunner for a couple of semesters, he’s still been able to establish connections and build lasting friendships.

"I didn’t know anyone when I first came to UTSA, but I enjoy working out, so I went to the Rec Center. I started a conversation while waiting in line to get into the weight room and I ended up becoming good friends with a physics major. We now workout together daily at the Rec."

Logan recommends that his fellow Roadrunners get involved in something they're interested in and to enjoy their time at UTSA. However, most of all, he wants to encourage his peers to never give up.

"When things get rough or a class is very difficult, just tell yourself that you can get through it, and whatever you do, don’t give up! The only way you can learn is through challenges and difficulties."


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