Jordyn Haynes
Jordyn Haynes, Neuroscience Major
By Pelle Muñoz

Meet Jordyn Haynes, an undergraduate studying neuroscience, TARDIS Lab assistant, and Secretary of the Association of Black Psychologists and the Neuro-Mind Association.

UTSA was an appealing choice to Jordyn because of the limitless range of opportunities that were offered with their major. It has been a difficult search for them, as neuroscience is not offered in most Texas universities. Not only did UTSA have a neuroscience program, but also guaranteed a wide range of lab and internship opportunities along with a community that strives for collective excellence. After weighing their options, it was evident that UTSA checked all the boxes for Jordyn.

Some of UTSA’s most beloved qualities are its unique culture and diversity, which are the characteristics that Jordyn specifically appreciates. "It's beautiful to see all the different cultures celebrated within the university, and that our differences are accepted by one another," said Jordyn. "You don’t see that in many places. The way we all come together and help each other is an amazing human thing to be a part of and witness."

Jordyn chose to major in neuroscience because she wants to study the behavior patterns of the brain. Her favorite aspect of the field is learning about new people and getting a glimpse into the human psyche by observing situational reactions, habits, and behavior. "I love the psychology behind it and the physical brain patterns that cause it to happen," said Jordyn. "One moment can also change how someone views and behaves in the world, so I want to know how that moment impacts their identity and mental development."

Jordyn loves her department for its driven community and exceptional resources. She has found it easy to collaborate with other students in her field and form a support network with them, because most of her peers in the neuroscience program complete similar coursework with the same professors. "We all help each other out and provide tips on how to succeed in those courses."

Jordyn is currently working as a research assistant in the TARDIS Laboratory under Alan Meca, a first-generation researcher and assistant professor at UTSA. The TARDIS Laboratory is a UTSA-affiliated research team that studies a wide range of topics relating to identity development, cultural identity, risk behavior, and more. They offer countless opportunities for students who wish to be active in their research community. Working in the TARDIS lab taught Jordyn the importance of being prepared for a bold future and aiming for greatness.

After graduation, she hopes to apply to medical school. Jordyn has her sights set on Xavier University in New Orleans or a clinical neuropsychology program. In all that she does, Jordyn strives for success. "It’s my goal to be happy with I am and to live without regrets," said Jordyn, "and I feel like I’ve achieved that so far with UTSA’s College of Sciences."


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