Luis Quintero

Luis Quintero, Computer Science Major

By Ryan Schoensee

Meet Luis Quintero, a computer science major from Reading, Pennsylvania. Luis moved to Texas with family during his senior year of high school. After researching universities in the area, he selected UTSA as his top choice due to its vibrant campus life and distinct academic programs.

"UTSA is an excellent choice for any program or career path," said Quintero. "The coursework is challenging but it keeps you engaged and eager to learn more."

At UTSA, Quintero has found opportunities to develop as a leader. He is currently serving as the vice president of the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE) where he oversees internal affairs such as campus relations and organizing social activities. He also participates in SHPE’s fundraising, volunteering, academic and cultural events. He enjoys giving back to the community, which has been a key driver in his leadership role at SHPE.

"The mission of the society is to empower the Hispanic community to realize its full potential," said Quintero. "I am proud and avid to be a part of SHPE and its mission. It’s been a great resource for me as a student and my professional development has come a long way."

Ever since he was a kid, Quintero knew he wanted to have a career in software development and software security. Although he admits that he’s not perfect when it comes to coding, he is always looking to learn and improve. Quintero has benefited from the number of resources and services that UTSA offers its students to ensure their academic success.

"There are a lot of services available to students that are supported by amazing faculty and staff," said Quintero. "One thing that has helped me tremendously is the tutoring that is available for computer science courses. The tutors do a great job making sure students understand the content they needed assistance with and more."

Currently, Quintero is creating his own portfolio website to showcase his programming and graphic design skills. After he graduates, he hopes to start his computer science career in San Antonio and one day move to Colorado because he loves the views and the challenging hikes.

The UTSA College of Sciences Department of Computer Science is home to almost 20 state-of-the-art research facilities that are advancing knowledge in artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, machine learning and more. The department is one of about 10 schools in the nation that is designated as an NSA Center of Academic Excellence in all three distinctions: Cyber Operations, Cyber Defense and Research.

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